" I’m sorry I can’t love you like you want me to.
You want me to be all teeth, all mouth, all cartographer’s hands mapping out the landscape of your body.
But I am all shaking fingers and I’ve bitten my lips until they bleed trying to figure out how to tell you this.
I know you are mountain ranges, you are salt lakes and cherry orchards.
I know you are raging rivers and canyons and seashore.
I know you are beautiful.
I know I love you more than the whole goddamn world.
But I can’t help but thinking that you are a foreign country,
that you are singing lullabies in a language I don’t speak.
I tried to understand you, baby.
You’re an ever-changing world,
an unfamiliar melody.
I’d like to stay.
I’d like to learn,
but I don’t know how,
and it scares me. "